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This page describes Cussen Consulting's main activities

Cussen Consulting mainly works on a contract basis for facilities in need of neutron optics design studies performing:

Neutron scattering is a scientific research technique used to probe matter at the atomic scale especially in studies of magnetism and light elements. Neutron optics concerns itself with neutron beam delivery, with the calculation of neutron scattering instrument resolution and transmission, with instrument design and the invention and development of novel devices (such as guides, monochromators, polarisers and collimators).

We specialise in neutron optics studies and simulations of neutron guides and instruments to create high value solutions to engineering design problems. Our unique approach to design problems combines Analytic (Mathematical), Graphical (Acceptance Diagram) and computed Monte Carlo methods with creative ideas. This combination has been repeatedly proven to deliver unique insight and very effective outcomes. High quality design work usually both improves outcomes and reduces construction costs.
We are particularly passionate about the goal of full optimization (necessarily analytic) to deliver the best possible solutions to problems. Finding an approach to optimise a device or instrument tends to be time consuming but when successful is very cost effective. A full optimization almost eliminates the need for further study and usually significantly simplifies design and reduces construction or upgrade costs.

There are significant advantages to outsourcing these sorts of projects, especially Monte Carlo simulations:

  • Monte Carlo studies often take longer than expected and give unreliable results outsourcing fixes time and cost
  • Outsourcing minimises the commitment of internal resources to a project, freeing them for other activities
  • Benefit from our experience and the speed and accuracy that brings
  • Our unique combination of analytic, graphical and Monte Carlo approaches tends to identify and correct errors efficiently

    In addition we have well developed expertise in